Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Geneva Agreement is just playing for time while armies get ready for war

Developments in Ukraine seem like a copy of the events leading to the Falklands Invasion of 1982. Firstly, the diplomatic rush to reach an agreement to tackle a political impasse. Agreement was reached regarding advanced elections that should have taken place in December 2014. The agreement lasted as long as Right Front was ready to take over.

Secondly, came the recent Geneva Agreement to put an end to skirmishes and avoid bloodshed. As soon as the agreement was reached Kiev forces were already marching towards Eastern Ukraine and the coup authorities in Kiev have already stated that military operations are under way and it all happened during Easter.

It will really surprise me if we don't an Europe-wide War before the end of 2014. The one thing I am not so sure is if the general public is aware of the potential consequences. As so called Anti-Semitic tendencies are on the rise across Europe, I have a feeling that this could lead to the real Holocaust in which any Muslim and any Jewish presence in Europe will be eradicated in the confusion of war.

Reading history we realize that the next war is somehow a continuation of the previous war, that World War Two was the direct consequences of issues generated at the end of World War One. The end of World War Two generated its own issues including the so called Final Solution that was left behind as unfinished business.

Paradoxically, in 2014 we are seeing huge similarities in terms of a financial crisis created by similar speculation to the one that led to the crisis of 1929. Ten years later, Europe was at war. 2006 - Financial crisis once again starting in the US and here we are discussing tensions leading to war in Europe.

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