Monday, 7 April 2014

Europe is in very fluid state and many assumptions are being challenged

Europe is in very fluid state at the moment with many previous assumptions being challenged. Hungary - not Ukraine - is today the source of confrontation with EU Mandarins when after an election the ruling party got two thirds of the vote and Hungary officially stated that the will support the EU as long as National Interest is not threatened by EU Mandarins.

The Hungarian reactions come on top of other ongoing headaches including Greece, Italy, Spain and France plus the fabricated crisis in Ukraine. Summer is fast approaching and there will plenty of opportunity for riots across the European Union as the financial situations worsens. This is hardly an environment for understanding and stable alliances and talking about alliances the word NATO comes to mind with certain politicians saying that "this is the time to increase military expenditure" - something that even if it were possible would do nothing to improve the financial situation that could lead to more political and civil unrest.
What would happen if there is a surge of the old rivalries in Europe? You only need to look at what happened in the last hundred years to know what would be next.  

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