Thursday, 20 March 2014

US Samantha Power: Insults that cannot hide Mafia US Foreign Policy

When an US Ambassador at the Organization of the United Nations Samantha Power sounds like a street thug you know the name of the game. While the propaganda game is taking place, the pieces of the puzzle are being placed in position.

The introduction might sound impressive since she is described as somebody appointed to 'promote and defend universal values and address pressing global challenges to global peace, security and prosperity.

The real picture is quite different. She is there to support a Mafia that has been creating conflicts around the word, conflicts that have killed tens of thousands, displaced millions of people who were forced to become refugees and planting the seeds of widespread confrontation and chaos that has nothing to do with defending universal values.

I don't think that bombing Pakistan and killing men, women and children has anything to do with defending universal values and promoting global peace, security and prosperity. The mess created across the Muslim World in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria - to name a few countries that have been affected by rotten US Foreign Policy cannot be said to be examples of how to promote universal values nor defend peace, security and prosperity.

If anything, the actions of the US Mafia have created a much more unstable world, a world that is falling apart, a world that is heading to towards Armageddon. The actions undertaken in recent months to undermine Ukraine and support Neo-Nazis is very much part of US Foreign Policy as it has been US Foreign Policy to support terrorist operating under the umbrella of AlQaeda.

Supporting coup d'états around the world, carrying out torture and political assassinations, carpet bombing of civilian areas, illegal invasions, interference in other countries affairs enslaving entire countries by financial and/or military means has little to do with global peace, security and prosperity.

Nothing seems to have changed because as far as I remember, the US supported torture, coup d'états and invasions across Latin America. What is more, for example, in accordance with US spurious interests, the US had no hesitation in supporting the invasion of Falkland Islands by Argentina with the promise that oil exploration contracts were going to be awarded to US oil companies as soon as the Argentinian takeover of Falkland Islands had been established.

I don't think that today's government will willingly reveal that American companies like Coca-Cola were used to transfer funds for coup d'états and for support of military dictatorships across Latin America.

I reckon the doctrine of Press James Monroe is very much alive today when he said America for the Americans (an elegant way of saying that the whole of the American continent had to be ruled by the US). Countless issues like the invasion of Guatemala, Grenada and other Latin Americans are added to the pieces of evidence to show that US Foreign Policy has nothing to do with promoting universal values nor defend peace, security and prosperity.

I reckon Ambassador Samantha Power conveniently forgot to mention a major thief called the United States of America that has been defrauding the entire world, owing money that it cannot pay, printing worthless money, making debts appear as assets and telling everybody else that 'they have to live within their means'.

Using the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank as tools of domination - check the history of Latin America - the US is now using the same strategies and tools to destroy entire countries in Europe. Greece comes to mind as just one of many examples. Once again, this is nothing to do with global peace, security and prosperity.

Well, I reckon that as a well trained journalist Ambassador Samantha Power must have learned something from our Josef Goebbels and it is using what she learnt with great expertise. A lie told a thousand times will, according to Ambassador Samantha Power and the Administration that she represents, be seen as the truth.





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