Thursday, 6 March 2014

If Baroness Ashton knew about snipers paid by coup leaders and said nothing, she is a criminal

Baroness Ashton that refused to deny that she knew about snipers paid by coup leaders in Ukraine and if she knew about it and didn't raise the alarm, she is literally a criminal.

How can such a key figure of the EU hide such vital piece of information that led US Secretary of State John Kerry to talk sheer nonsense? Well, perhaps this is what we can expect from the EU as public standards.

The plot to allow extremists to carry out a coup d'├ętat in Ukraine organized by the US and promoted by the EU and the US is plainly evident.

Luckily, some European countries despite their association with the flawed EU - even key countries of the EU - are seeing the light at the end of a tunnel created by the US government that has been so obsessed with damaging Russian interests to the point of creating wars and make plans for new wars that are turning the world upside down and creating a spiral of violence.

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