Monday, 3 February 2014

Barak Obama: Government by Presidential Decree without Congress

It must be extremely sad for an American President to be talking about ruling by decree during three quarters of his presidential mandate but this is exactly what President Barak Obama told Congress.

Dialogue is no more. From now on, it is about imposition rather than dialogue and this is the kind of Democracy almost 300 million Americans will have to live with. Incidentally, is this is the kind of Democracy that the State Department, the CIA, the NSA and other government agencies are trying to impose or promote abroad?
The mass media carry the message across the world and the words of Barak Obama very much defined the kind of governance that the United States of America very much criticizes when it is imposed in other countries around the world.
What is the point of criticizing President Assad in Syria or President Yanukovych in Ukraine or any other Head of State of any other country including Raul Castro in Cuba when America itself is going to be run by President Decree? What is President Obama going to do when angry citizens deprived of their Democratic rights that see their representatives being overrun by the Executive decide to demonstrate and build barricades across America?
There is a time when an American President, especially a President during his second and last term, has to acknowledge that the Office of the President of the United States of America is more important than any party political or ideological consideration. There is a very fine line between Presidential and Dictatorial and, unfortunately, President Barak Obama risks being classified as Dictatorial.

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