Monday, 9 December 2013

Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria and now Ukraina?

It seems that our rulers' appetite for civil wars, wars and mass murder can never be satisfied. They are now actively promoting a civil war in Ukraina (I use the real name of the country rather than the English translation: Ukraine).

If you thought that only Catholic and Protestant Christianity and Christianity in Muslim and African countries are under attack, think again. Now the political terrorists of the European Union are trying to undermine Ukraina, a country where the Christian Orthodox Tradition is the rule.

Ukraina also plays a pivotal role having one of the oldest Russian cities - Sebastopol - that also happens to be a Black Sea Naval Base of the Russian Federation.

After dismembering Yugoslavia, destroying Libya and attacking Syria, our rulers now want to destabilize Ukraina and create a civil war.

Their thirst for illegal invasions, wars between countries and civil wars seems unquenchable.  

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