Saturday, 23 November 2013

The human dimension of politics: a human being is a human being

There is an ideological dimension of politics but there is a also a fundamental aspect of politics that we can only forget about at our own peril: a human being is a human being. When we deal with the realities of immigration, we do need to keep in mind this fundamental aspect so that, whatever statements we make and whatever decisions we make, statements and decisions are rational and absolutely fair.

When we talk about immigration, we must resist the temptation to demonize or to over generalize. We have repeatedly said that we don't blame immigrants. We do blame political authorities that have failed in their duty of care.

The duty of elected political authorities was to protect the interests of the British people and at the same time protect the interests of those who, as human beings, wanted to have a better life. They have failed on both counts.

Here you have an example. Next January, citizens of two European countries are going to allowed to come to the United Kingdom and settle down in the United Kingdom.

For those who are already here this is going to be a direct challenge that will seriously jeopardize their chances of finding jobs and will increase housing demand at a time when housing supply is chronically insufficient.

For citizens of the said European countries that remain in their native countries this is going to mean that the cost of living in their countries will rise while their incomes remain the same or are reduced. The economies of the said countries are not strong enough to compete with other European countries, salaries are lower in comparison but prices in the said countries are gong to rise to European levels. This would be to all effects a massive downgrading exercise. We have already seen how countries that had more powerful economies had to borrow and borrow even more to pretend that they could have the living standards powerful industrialized countries like Germany had.

In the UK standards are going to fall but in the said countries living costs are going to become a lot more expensive fuelling mass migration. Lib Lab Con have shown again and gain that they don't give a damn about people, British or not British.

Greece, Spain, Italy and others did not face the wall merely because of what a bunch of crooks did in the USA. They faced the wall because their economies could not compete on an equal footing with Germany and other countries. Do you actually think that Bulgaria and Romania will be in a better position?

As British Nationalists, we are not xenophobic. We have stated over and over again that we stand for the rights of all countries to manage their resources in a way that benefits all their citizens. If Greece, Spain and others had not been tied up to the EU chariot, they would be in a much better position and without present levels of debt and unemployment.



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