Friday, 8 November 2013

British Soldier convicted because he shot dead an enemy combatant?

Having civilian judges dealing with military cases that occurred in the battlefield is questionable for all sorts of reasons. A group of British soldiers find themselves in the heat of battle and one of them executes an enemy combatant.

Now, the enemy combatant was injured. So what? Soldiers are not policemen in the streets of London. They see their mates killed on a daily basis and are victims of enemy gunfire. What would the Taliban have done if the one lying on the ground had been a British soldier? We are talking about war and war is war. When I had to shoot, I shot. No questions asked.

We sent soldiers to die in the fields of Afghanistan and when they are shot at and they are lucky to find those who shoot at them, somebody who does not have a clue about being in theatre of war passes sentence and convicts a man who could perfectly have been at the other end of the barrel.

The man they killed was a Taliban fighter and knew exactly what he was doing and the risks he was taking by fighting against British soldiers. The sentence passed against a British soldier for killing a Taliban fighter is yet another case of political correctness gone mad.

Soldier are trained to kill and killing is doing their duty. "Some thirty years ago I was told by one of my military instructors: We give you the order to shoot and if you don't shoot your mates will shoot at you. I don't want white-gloves troops for parades. I want black-gloves troops to kill."

The voice of that instructor still resonates in my mind. Politicians create wars that few people want and when soldiers do what they were trained to do they judge them as if they were civilians.

We this kind of justice system we see the reason why British troops have been in Afghanistan since 2001 and they are about to withdraw in defeat after losing many of their comrades not just in combat but also in the most treacherous circumstances being attacked by people they thought were their friends.

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