Friday, 29 November 2013

America has been spoilt for choices of Presidential Candidates

Looking at the process of Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates in the United States of America it is easy to see that the American people have been spoilt for choices. A few years ago, the Republican ticket included Senator John McCain whose greatest achievement had been to have spent five years as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam and Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska who has close friends in North Korea.

In the end, they chose Barak Obama, a man considered to be black but who is actually mixed-race and has the luxury of a very disputed set of birthplaces, including Hawaii and Kenya.

For the next Presidential Election, one of the likely contenders is none other than Hilary Clinton, Former Senator and Former Secretary of State and reportedly Former Straight Woman as it has been reported that she is about to come out as having a preference for women when she finally publishes her memoirs. While President Clinton was relaxing - not having sex - with White House interns, she was reportedly getting rid of the tensions of her role as First Lady by engaging in torrid affairs with other ladies.

Should Hilary Clinton become the next American President, will the White House, a symbol of America's greatness and commitment to Democracy be redecorated and covered in bright pink colour as a symbol of traditional family values? Who knows? 

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  1. Fat chance. She couldn't beat Obama in the Democratic primaries. Any political canidate can generate more finances than she and her Husband(?) Bill can. She damaged goods do to Bengazi and her affiliation with Barrack Obama. She done in politics.