Saturday, 12 October 2013

Tommy Robinson: from EDL Leader to Muslim Convert Police Informer

Tommy Robinson (Extreme Right) pictured with three Racist Extremists
We are amazed when we think about the transformation  the caterpillar that after living in a cocoon comes out as a butterfly. Tommy Robinson's transformation is even more amazing, although we had already suspected that there was a rat.

During a debate organized by Vox Africa in Battersea, Tommy Robinson tried to appear uncompromising when talking against Islam and accused Prophet Mohammed of being a pedophile and for having set an example followed by other Muslims. Well, what he said is on record and as you know we always deal with facts. Those he now tries to work with should know that Tommy Robinson insulted their faith and their Prophet.

I, Carlos Cortiglia, London Regional Press Officer of the British National Party, can bear witness of that Tommy Robinson said what he said in front of a television audience during a satellite television broadcast.

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