Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wy is Syria so important for British Nationalists?

Putting aside the illegality and immorality of attacking Syria, there are practical reasons why Britain should not be dragged into another war in the Middle East:

Syria is the last stable and secular state in the Middle East. It is an ancient civilization - home of the last remaining communities that speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus - where Muslims, Christians and Jews practice their religion side-by-side and free from persecution.

Contrary to the professional liars and Westminster warmongers David Cameron and William Hague and the deceit of the controlled media, the so called Free Syrian Army is in fact made up of fanatical and savage Islamist militants fighting alongside Al-Qaeda cells.

Most of the militant Islamists ARE NOT from SYRIA. The vast majority have been brought in from the surrounding region, North Africa, Chechnya and the EU - and will return to Europe as fully trained and battle-hardened terrorists. If Syria falls, Europe is next in the firing line. The fact of the matter is that Syria currently holds at bay the hordes of savages Islamist jihadists who want to see tolerant, secular states such as Syria and Britain wiped off the map.

Blair took us into Iraq with his dodgy dossier of WMD lies. Now, despite the surprise 'NO' vote in the House of Commons, Cameron is trying to do exactly the same with Syria.

On top of the terrible price in lives, the financial cost of military attacks on foreign nations is staggering. The Afghanistan war has so far cost the British taxpayer - that's you and me - £37 billion, some £15 million a day, to maintain our troops in a war zone. Britain cannot afford another war! We need resources to build Britain, NOT to destroy Syria.

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