Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Syria: A cover up of massive proportions

Syria: A cover up of massive proportions. Some time ago a then Labour Cabinet member fell out of grace when one of his secretaries wrote on the occasion of the attacks perpetrated by Muslim extremists in the USA in September 2001 'that the attacks were a good opportunity to bury bad news'. The Syrian crisis had been used precisely as a good way to bury bad news.

No need to talk about pension fund black holes, shortage of school places, scandals involving NHS hospitals, or anything else. Practically all major issues have been put aside and the mass media have busied themselves with chronicles about what happens on both sides of the Atlantic.

Another aspect of the media hysteria is that reports about impending financial debacles have been relegated to the gallery of a gigantic political theatre as if 50 per cent youth unemployment in Spain and endless demands for cash to salvage cash strapped economies were not that relevant.

Never mind if in the political scene in Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel tries to divert attention by accusing former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder saying that 'he made the mistake of accepting Greece as Euro Country and that Greece should never have been accepted as a Euro Country'. Have you heard anybody in Britain talking about it? Of course there is no talk about other countries - including new arrivals whose economies are in even worse shape than Greece - that could be joining the Euro during Angela Merkel's reign.

Why should anybody talk about unemployment and crime when they can talk about Syria, a country that very few people know about ? Like in one of those magic shows - now you see it and now you don't see it. People are still killing each other in Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Just a few days ago, all the furore was about Egypt. While public attention is being diverted elsewhere, the big problems of Britain remain unsolved.

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