Saturday, 7 September 2013

Enough is enough: World War Two ended almost 70 years ago

The word Holocaust has been used and abused to justify what cannot be justified and as a propaganda tool to vilify political opponents. 85 million people are reported as having lost their lives in World War Two. If the figures about Jewish deaths are correct (the figure mentioned is 6 million), this means that about 7% of those who died in World War Two were Jewish. What about the rest? The remaining 93% who were not Jewish? Mathematics is a wonderful thing because it shows you things as they actually are.

I am not the kind of guy who runs away and fed up with the constant machinations of the mass media and all the rubbish I have heard for such a long time I decided to confront myths and stupidity head on. Do you want to know the truth? Here is it is. For about 70 years we have lived in a propaganda bubble that grossly exaggerated what happened in World War Two to try and make us forget that the deaths of 79 million people are almost irrelevant because Hollywood, the mass media, and some organizations with vested interests say so.

I say that every life lost was important. I say that every death was one death too many. I say that human life is sacred. But don't use the world Holocaust at the expense of 79 million people who lost their lives and were not Jewish.

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