Monday, 23 September 2013

African and Asian voters no longer fall for Labour's lies

Since the awakening of Muslim voters in Tower Hamlets and Bradford, a Revolution is taking place across London where both Asian and African voters are walking away from the Labour Party who had been using them like Plantation owners used African slaves in the fields, squeezing them for votes to win elections and forgetting about them even before elections take place.

African voters are saying 'we want to be represented and we want to elect our own candidates'. So white faces imposed from the top of the Labour Party have generated a rebellion with several Labour groups choosing to become Independent Labour only to be thrown out of the Labour Party.

So why shouldn't Labour activists be able to choose their own candidates? This might not be the end of the Labour Party. Not even the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning but even so the end is in site. Locked up on in a fight against the Trade Unions and now also against its own ethnic supporters, the white Jewish leadership of the Labour Party is facing Armageddon.

Why should Asian voters most of whom are Muslim support those who are set against the Muslim World? Why should Christian Africans who believe in family values and in the Christian definition of family support the anti-Christian agenda of the Labour Party? Why should the working classes support a leadership that went to bed with big capital and forgot about working class interests?

Things are coming to a head and an Arab Spring is taking place within the Labour Party with people who openly oppose the white Marxist agenda.

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