Friday, 23 August 2013

Italian government is destroying Italy with excessive taxation

For every 12,000 Euros paid to a factory worker, a company must give the Italian government 18,000 Euros in taxes and every employee ends up costing a company 30,000 Euros. Italian companies are leaving Italy and settling business in Eastern Europe.

Punitive EU measures imposed in Italy to reduce the Italian deficit in a country that has a massive public debt are one of the reasons the Italian government is taxing and taxing ever more Italian companies in a process that has become suicidal.

The owner of a small Italian company that moved to Poland said: "I had to make a choice. Our competitors in Poland and in Romania offer much lower prices. I had three options: either close, move the factory as many businesses have done, or shoot myself in the head."

Bureaucracy, high social welfare costs and corruption are bleeding Italy to death. The disparities between countries of the EU - disparities that were never taken into account before creating a chaotic ensemble - are pushing Europeans to act against Europeans and this can only be a recipe for disaster.

The EU was created supposedly to put an end to rivalries that led to wars in Europe. In the end, the EU is creating and promoting rivalries between European peoples.

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