Thursday, 25 July 2013

British National Party Online Activist Initiative

Sign up for the BNP social media revolution
The British National Party is once again leading the way, this time in online social media.
Our new BNP Online Activist application is the very latest state-of-the-art internet software designed to harness the combined power of Facebook, Twitter and the other major social networks to maximise our reach and spread our message to hundreds of thousands of our people online.
You made it happen
May's email appeal helped raise the funds necessary to launch our BNP Online Activist application – the first of its kind in British politics.

Naturally, the other political parties will be falling over themselves to follow the precedent set by the BNP, but we have the head start.

Thank you to all those who donated to this worthy cause, helping us become the first in British politics to set about unlocking the full potential of online social media in our mission to spread the BNP message of Hope far and wide.

Now we're up and running, we need to make it work for us.

Activists win prizes
Since we launched our BNP Online Activist app in May, 432 patriots have already signed up.

They’ve been busy spreading the BNP message far and wide, earning recognition for their activism and competing in friendly rivalry to earn points, collect virtual medals and win great prizes, and with first prize this month set at a whopping £100 cash, there’s everything to play for!

What’s more, everyone's points are reset at the beginning of each month to level the playing field and give everyone a fighting chance to win that £100 cash prize and others.

So if you’re not already a BNP Online Activist, what are you waiting for?
Sign up here now.

On 1st August, July’s winners will be awarded their prizes, and every BNP Online Activist’s points will return to zero, ready for everyone to compete for the £100 cash prize for the month ahead.

So if you’re just signing up today, why not use this week to practice your online activism to maximise your points so you’re ready and poised to get off to a flying start come 1st August?

Fantastic results

Last month our target was to reach 100,000 new people with our message through social networks – we smashed it!

Our total reach in June was a staggering 240,748 people.

On Twitter alone our BNP Online Activists connect to a massive 155,198 other users.

Counting other social networks, our system now has over 282,000 contacts – all of whom are hearing how good the Party is through people they already know.

Now that’s power!

Fight for the BNP without leaving your chair... we need YOU to spread the word too!

It's so easy to become an official BNP Online Activist, simply visit now and sign up using your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.
Once signed up, you will receive regular e-bulletins notifying you of new messages and content to spread on your social network pages at the click of your mouse to earn points – it's so easy!

Over to you – and may the best BNP Online Activist win!
Charlie Wythe
BNP Head of Publicity
P.S. Become an official BNP Online Activist and start earning yourself points, acquiring virtual medals and winning prizes. What are you waiting for? Sign up here now.

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