Thursday, 16 May 2013

The more we know, the more we don’t want to know

The more we know, the more we don’t want to know

Mismanagement would be serious enough. What we are learning about, year after year, is evidence of gigantic incompetence and corruption. For ten years, successive British governments have been extracting more than 60% tax from inflated fuel prices. The damage done to the British economy by excessive energy costs is incalculable.

When we talk about public debt, one of the reasons why we have to borrow, borrow and borrow is that we have to deal with artificial inflation created by speculation. One after another, credit agencies have been downgrading the United Kingdom because they don’t believe that the United Kingdom can actually repay its debts.

We know about the Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and we see what is happening in France. If we add corruption to mismanagement, sooner than later we could end up facing the wall. The United Kingdom spends billions of Pounds buying energy every year. It beggars belief the fact that for not less than 10 years nobody seems to have had an interest in verifying the figures that are now under investigation not in the United Kingdom but in the European Union.

So where were successive British governments? Who is going to be made accountable? The answer is clear and simple. Nobody is going to be made accountable and more and more people are going to continue suffering more and more because of the corruption and irresponsibility of the so called mainstream political parties.

This is not another blue tongue, foot and mouth disease and BSE cover up. This concerns the entire British economy. Energy is very much a vital ingredient of every single economic activity.  

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