Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Paradox FCO/British Exports

Carlos Cortiglia
The Paradox FCO/British Exports

Conservative MPs in special committees in the House of Commons might be asking about how to promote British exports in fast growing economies but they should be reminded of the damage done to British exports by none other than Kenneth Clarke MP who started the process of getting rid of special programmes of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1997.

After 1997, under the Labour administration, the situation for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office was no better. Despite the fact several services that used to provide a British presence abroad still survived, many British diplomatic personnel seemed to be bothered or annoyed every time we contacted them via other branches of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to try and increase British presence abroad. Perhaps they were too busy enjoying the perks provided by the Diplomatic Service while having a few cocktails and did not care about working in a coordinated manner to promote British exports abroad.

2002 was a crucial year for the remaining programmes of the Central Office of Information after many of its programmes had been outsourced and were later closed down altogether because Tony Blair indicated that they were of no use since, in his opinion, the task was being done by the BBC World Service and this proves how badly informed Tony Blair was about the real aims and roles of the BBC World Service.

British absence around the world is now endemic. Apart for a few outposts, British presence does not count not even in places like Bangladesh and this was said on March 29th 2013 by a Conservative Member of the House of Commons representing Enfield North. In many cases, we are straggling to catch up and in other cases we have not even started the tasks necessary to have a British presence and therefore it comes as no surprise that British trade is in the red with the country importing more than it actually exports. This is why we borrow and borrow and get further into debt, being forced to implement budget cuts that are destroying Britain as a country and leading to political, social and financial instability.

It has always been a policy of the British National Party to stop subsidizing other countries, including the European Union, and to promote trade links with countries of the world that want to trade with the United Kingdom, something that the United Kingdom had done, achieving great success in the process, and something that the United Kingdom stopped doing for the sake of mentally retarded ideological approaches that have nothing to do with promoting the British economy.

Charing a debate in the House of Commons, a Conservative MP indicated on March 19th 2013 that ‘many British diplomatic personnel posted abroad seem blatantly unaware of the presence of British companies in the target countries and that they not even know the names of the said British companies’. What are we bloody paying these bastards for? Why do they still work as Embassy staff if they are so bloody ignorant and incompetent? A full review should be carried out and British diplomatic personnel found wanting should be fired with immediate effect.

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