Thursday, 21 March 2013

Flood Immigration made the Housing Crisis a lot worse

Carlos Cortiglia
Flood Immigration made the Housing Crisis a lot worse

In 1997 when Britain had about 60 million people, Tony Blair said that we needed to build at least 30,000 new homes every year to cope with demand. When Labour left power in 2010, Britain had about 70 million people thanks to flood immigration. Now, in 2013, we need to build at least 50,000 new homes every year. Records indicate that last year the number of new homes built was about 145. Dividing and subdividing old housing stock is not the answer.

Last year I told Andrew Neil in the BBC Politics Show that immigration is about numbers and it effectively is about numbers. If people already living in this country cannot afford to buy or even rent accommodation, if there are no enough houses being built, we are going to have an endemic housing crisis.

How can wanting people to have decent accommodation be racist? Well, racism is the first word Left wing operators and politically correct operators mention every time we talk about immigration. Why they do that? They do it because a massive number of individuals are intellectually incapable of seeing the link between supply and demand. If you don’t have enough houses and if no enough houses are being built, the more people enter the country the less affordable accommodation will be and the more people will not be able to buy nor rent accommodation.

Yesterday, during a debate on Housing organised by the Evening Standard, Ken Livingstone said that housing benefits had pushed rental prices up allowing private landlords to milk the State at the expense of British taxpayers. On the other hand, Ken Livingstone criticises the reduction of housing benefits.

Now, pay attention. On the one hand, he says that housing benefits push rental prices up and on the other he says that housing benefits should not be cut. Shouldn't we be thinking about lowering rental prices? What is Ken Livingstone's logic? In this regard, Ken Livingstone has no logic. To those opposed to higher rental prices, he will say that he is against higher rental prices. To those opposes to housing benefit cuts, he will say that housing benefits should not be cut. This is called demagogy.

Boris Johnson himself made promises that he knew from the very beginning that he could not deliver. If a Labour failed to live up to the promise of building 50,000 new homes a year, how come a Mayor of London could possibly commit himself to build 50,000 new homes a year. This is called demagogy.

Both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson are professional demagogues and mass media journalists allowed them to get away with murder.

I, Carlos Gerardo Cortiglia Coronel, British National Party 2012 Mayoral Candidate did not make false promises and, because I am not the kind of person that walks around making false promises, I was not allowed to take part in any Mayoral Debates.

I read the budget approved by the London Assembly. I knew exactly what could be done and what could not be done and decided to focus on policing as the main area of interest, about things that could be improved in the short term. What did Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson and Jenny Johnson do? You heard what Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson had to say and perhaps you missed what Jenny Jones proposed as representative of the Labour Party. Her maginal solution in terms of transport and the environment was to build more bycicle lanes. If you don't believe it, you can check the record of what was said during Mayoral Debates in which we were not allowed to participate. One particular debate was cancelled because both Ken Livingstone and Jenny Jones, Labour and 'Green Labour' respectively, refuse to debate with the British National Party. They walked away because they knew that I was going to destroy their arguments in front of television cameras. They were afraid of debating with the British National Party and they walked away using the usual excuses.


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