Monday, 25 March 2013

BNP Panorama Programme about the BBC

BNP Panorama Programme about the BBC

As we produce our own Question Time programmes, we will start producing our own Panorama programme to tell the truth to those willing to listen. The opportunity has now come to talk about the debts of the Labour Party that the BBC, as representative of the Labour Party, always fails to mention.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Labour Party, under the leadership of Ed Milliband, owes £9,858,723 (British Pounds). Yes, this is the official debt of the Labour Party that is constantly criticizing and accusing the Conservative Party and others including the British National Party of mismanagement.

Why does the Labour Party want to win the next General Election? They want to win the next General Election to do what they did when they were in power. They used legislation to give taxpayers’ money to the Trade Unions so that the Trade Union could give the money disguised as ‘donations’ to the Labour Party. After thirteen years of ‘legalised fraud’, the Labour Party is the one political party that has beaten all records in terms of debts maintained by a political party in Britain.

So, we don’t need the BBC, protector of paedophiles and rapists, to come and lecture us about probity and good behaviour. Incidentally, we are talking about the same BBC that advised its own staff to create private accounts to defraud the Inland Revenue by paying taxes at lower rates.

Let’s be clear: corrupt champagne socialists have no right to lecture anybody else about how to run the country.

The British National Party is a small but very proud political party and we have every right to be proud because at the end, even those who fund terrorist organisations like the UAF, have come to accept that British National Party policies have always been right. When Prime Minister David Cameron tries to implement British National Party policies, Prime Minister David Cameron knows that the British National Party has been right all along.

For many years, the British National Party has been alerting about the dangers of flood immigration, about how people who never put a penny in the public coffers, have been abusing the system. We, the British National Party have been called Nazi, Fascist, Racist and many other things, because we said what many politicians that attacked the British National Party are now saying.

Many people, have asked Carlos Gerardo Cortiglia Coronel, why Carlos Gerardo Cortiglia Coronel, a man of Italian descent born in Uruguay, joined the British National Party instead of joining another political party. My answer has been always the same. I joined the British National Party because with all my political experience I could see, through the veil of demagogy, what other political parties were about.

National Interest is National Interest and must be the first priority of any British political party, above any other political consideration. Conservatives, Lib Dems, Labour and their acolytes have shown themselves as traitors to the cause of Great Britain, extremely willing to give away what was acquired with blood, sweat, tears and toil by many generations of British citizens and the BBC, paid with taxpayers’ money, is constantly spreading poison against those who care about Britain. So let’s have a Panorama programme about the BBC.

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