Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Vote BNP = No more housing problems

Vote BNP = No more housing problems

We all know why there are housing problems. We see them walking around on a daily basis. The population of Britain rose by 10 million and it is about to dramatically grow, once again, as the European Union regulations increase the flood from the East.

According to a survey carried out by MORI, in London 74 per cent of all those asked say that there is a housing problem and in the country as a whole 80 per cent of those asked say that there is a housing crisis. Obviously there is a housing crisis created by those who refuse to vote British National Party. Most people do not bother to vote for any political party (about 60%) and of those who vote most support prostitute political parties that are selling themselves and selling Britain’s future.

It is a bit like the so called scandal surrounding childcare and nursing homes. Problems with childcare and nursing homes have been created by the mentality of so called ‘alternative arrangements’. Most people want to live their lives without a care in the world and without facing any kind of responsibility. As a direct consequence of this, nuclear traditional families vanished and they end up having to fork out billions of pounds to pay somebody to look after their children or end up having to sell their homes to go and live in nursing homes of dubious reputation. If you allow strangers to look after your children, you will grow older and you will find yourself alone and having to pay somebody else to look after you.

To sum up, housing problems, childcare problems and nursing home problems have been created by Socialism and Liberalism. If family was the centre of everything in society, we wouldn’t have most of the problems we have.

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