Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Germany will rise and Europe will rise with Germany!

Germany will rise and Europe will rise with Germany!

The news that Greece is in a much worse situation than the one many foresaw means that Germany will be asked to pay trillions of Euros of debt. Germany does not want to pay and is fed up of having been blackmailed for several decades. This will almost certainly be the nail in the coffins of Chancellor Angela Merkel and of other Europeans bureaucrats.

The hope of the Spanish government regarding a bail out is no more than hope and Britain tonight decided to close the hatches with a resounding victory against Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons in which 51 Conservative MPs said “no more money” and got the support of the Opposition.

The unexpected and impossible to forecast triumph of a right-wing party in Ukraine that before the election had only one seat in Parliament and now has 35 seats sets the trend. The fate of the French Socialist government hangs in the balance and this can only be good news for Nationalists across Europe, including those in Germany represented by the Nationaldemocratische Partei Deutschlands and others. The banning of political organisations could be the rock that lands on the head of Angela Merkel.

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