Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Daily Mail and LBC take the issue of Black Racism

Daily Mail and LBC take the issue of Black Racism

Let’s not beat around the bush. Black people can be racist and they can be racist like people of any other race. Nobody has the monopoly when it comes to disliking people of other ethnic backgrounds. We have publications in the United Kingdom that define themselves as newspapers for the Black communities and that specifically target Black communities, excluding everybody else.

We even have Members of Parliament like Dianne Abbot that refer to Black communities as ‘My people’. ‘Your people’, Dianne Abbot? This is the most blatant example of Black racism from a Member of Parliament. When she said it, it didn’t race any eyebrows. Trevor Phillips didn’t approach Dianne Abbot to tell her to stop being racist. No, she ran away with murder. We didn’t see the usual culprits coming out to criticize Dianne Abbot for preaching division along racial lines.

I publicly said that there is racism in the British Metropolitan Police and that the strongest evidence of racism is that there are different Police associations because officers of different ethnic background don't trust each other and thought that they had to have their own separate organisations. Another example of racism? Yes, it is and it is publicly acceptable acccording to political correctness.

So now you have it. We have a media encyclopaedia with countless examples of violent attitudes of so called ethnic minorities and we are going to go public to show Britain and the world what we are talking about.

What political organizations like the British National Party want is for everybody to come clean, to be straightforward and honest and to stop using the label Racist as some sort of intrinsic or specific characteristic of certain ideologies.

I, Carlos Cortiglia, Mayoral Candidate of the British National Party, made it a mission to talk to every community, regardless of the barriers of ideology, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. Both in private and in public, before microphones and television cameras, I have expressed my points of view loud and clear so that the agents of the right and of the left whose sole interest is to promote violence and division are left without ammunition.

Recently speaking via an African television channel, I said that unless we open channels of communication, that unless we start talking to each other regardless of ideology, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation, that unless all of us walk our half of the way for the sake of peaceful coexistence, all of us will face enormous problems in the no so distant future.

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