Monday, 28 May 2012

Sol Cambell's fears are also our fears

Sol Campbell warns England fans to avoid Euro 2012 for fear of 'coming back in a coffin'

Finally, the message is hitting home that the mood across Europe is changing very fast and that the European Union dream could end up in tears. I listen with intent to Matthew Goodwin that makes the fundamental mistake of comparing Nationalism in Britain to what is happening on the continent.

The British National Party talks about controlling immigration and securing British borders because we are fully aware of the direct consequences of mass immigration. Social cohesion and political stability are based on the characteristics of the people living and working in the United Kingdom.

Sol Campbell talks about his fears regarding violent reactions that could potentially occur in Poland and Ukraine. Britain has been more or less stable but British stability is in danger if our rulers fail to take stock of the fundamental changes caused by mass immigration that could lead to direct confrontation between communities.

During the 2012 GLA political campaign, practically on every occasion that I had the opportunity to talk about immigration, I said loud and clear that I am directly opposed to the Lib Lab Con version of Multiculturalism that has little to do with real integration.  As a matter of fact the official version of Multiculturalism has been creating ghettos and the rise of the number of gangs across the United Kingdom and events happening in Rochester and in other cities across the United Kingdom are directly linked to ghetto realities.

If Britain remains a member of the European Union, sooner than later, situations like the ones Sol Campbell refers to will happen in the United Kingdom. The time is long overdue for people like Sol Campbell to listen to the real messages of the British National Party and to understand that we want a Britain in which everybody is safe.

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