Saturday, 5 May 2012

Losing to Win - Political Cleansing

Losing to Win - Political Cleansing

For many years the British National Party has been establishing the political agenda without having a single member in the House of Commons and without controlling a single local authority.

Many have asked why the share of the vote of the British National Party went down and I say that it went down because in the British National Party we needed to do a lot of housekeeping getting rid of an extremely bad reputation created by individuals who can hardly call themselves Nationalists, let alone British, because of the ideas they promote that have little to do with British Identity.

Because of the changes, many left the British National Party and I say to them ‘good riddance’ because they carry with them the negative baggage of decades that poisoned the British National Party and alienated most voters in the United Kingdom.

The campaign for the GLA elections was a clean campaign, a rational campaign, a campaign without the idiotic slogans that antagonised many and meant absolutely nothing more than xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.

Having said that, the saddest reality of this and other elections is that people are walking away from Democracy and only 35 per cent of Londoners actually voted in the GLA Election 2012. People are walking away from elections because public debates and hustings are a meaningless circus manipulated by the mass media and there is no real discussion about the issues that truly matter.

What is more, we were not allowed to participate in debates and hustings with all the other candidates. We were systematically excluded and vilified by the usual press that rather than listen to our proposals still use lies, rumours and inventions that devalue Democracy. No wonder then that the number of newspapers being sold across the country is going down and many local newspapers are simply going under because instead of real journalism they still peddle lies following direct orders given by the so called National Union of Journalists.

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