Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Zealots of the Left criticize inclusiveness of the British National Party

British National Party sets London politics alight
While the mass media and private organizations like organized churches are extinguishing the fires of British politics, the British National Party has been busy setting alight the political scene in London. I want to set London alight bringing new life into politics. People are walking away from politics and elections. If anything, the election in Bradford makes us remember the good old days when politics was in everybody’s mouths.

I am the first British National Party candidate to have ever taken part in a live debate on LBC Radio in London. I was the only one of today’s Mayoral Candidates who took part in a live debate with members of the Black Community and the Asian Community in Tottenham during a BBC programme conducted by Victoria Derbyshire right after the August 2011 riots.

Check the records - you Left-Wing Zealots and politically correct individuals that spend most of your time talking about Multiculturalism and Integration and then criticize the British National Party for having a foreign born candidate. The duplicity and hypocrisy of our critics knows no limits. Trevor Philips wanted the British National Party to be more inclusive and now you criticize the British National Party for being inclusive? Guess what? I have been a member of the British National Party since 2001. I stood in elections representing the British National Party in 2004.

The British National Party has established new landmarks in British politics and shown what real integration means.  


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  1. There excuses and reasons they give to the people are starting to be proven to be just that, excuses and lies to get the people to believe the BNP are nothing more than right wing extremists.
    Since when does a PATRIOT become an extremist because he loves his country and does not like the way its travelling along the dirty path of these corrupt and fascist politicians whom only concern is to surrender our land and freedom to the EU.
    The country has started to see the BNP for what it really is and thats true honour and dedication to EVERYBODY not just at election time.
    We the people deserve our own direction and choices NOT for them choices to be made for us and no say in the way the country is being taken is nothing short of a dictatorship country like we have now.
    They are scared and have no more excuses,they know they are falling its just how hard do WE MAKE THEM FALL !
    Its upto the people