Friday, 20 April 2012

Walking away from debates is not Democratic

I will talk to the Jewish Community. I will talk to the Christian Community. I will talk to the Muslim Community. I will talk to the Black Community. I will talk to the Gay Community. I will talk to different organizations that might have ideas or concerns they wish to talk about. I have the moral obligation of talking to everybody who has the right to be represented.

As Mayoral Candidate of the British National Party I have said from the very beginning that I will talk to whoever wants to talk to us because I believe in Democracy and Democracy is about debate.

Today, speaking with Andrew Neil of the BBC, I said that every person who is legally entitled to be in the United Kingdom has the right to be represented. I said exactly the same when speaking with Sky Television and I will say the same thing at every opportunity because I am a Democrat.

If somebody says that debating with me would be an attack on Democracy, I will urge the person or persons who said that to review their own concept of what Democracy means.

I seem to remember a French philosopher called Rousseau and what he said about deffending everybody's right to speak their truth.

The fact that certain politicians in Britain don't seem to agree with Rousseau shows very clearly the state of British Democracy, a Democracy that has been devalued through lack of dialogue.

I seem to remember an expression that goes like this: With freedom, I don't offend and I don't fear.

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