Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Three Forgotten Mayoral Candidates

Talking about Democracy and Integration

From left to right, Lawrence Webb, Carlos Cortiglia and Siobhan Benita, the three forgotten London Mayoral Candidates. During a recent interview at LBC Radio we treated each cordially and with absolute respect when talking about what we would offer to Londoners.

The BBC and organizers of hustings and debates prefer to give more time to the other four candidates including two that added to their celebrity status a spat that they had while accusing each other of tax evasion.

Still asking yourselves why Democracy is falling apart? Those in charge of the mass media are very much responsible for the present debacle in British politics.

We might be concerned about what George Galloway stands for but my Goodness... I truly loved the fact that the so called mainstream political parties felt the impact of Labour's defeat in Bradford.

Looking at the history of elections in London we can see a trend. In 2000, a record number of 11 candidates fought for the right of being Mayor of London. In 2004 and 2008, there were 10 candidates and in 2012 there are only 7 candidates standing and interest in London elections is evaporating. Some mass media like the BBC have made sure that only four have a real chance of being heard by the Electorate.

They prefer to allocate more time to television promos and adverts, notwithstanding the fact that the Election of London Mayor and of the London Assembly is supposed to be an important event in the life of London and that it happens every four years.

You might have to swallow several editions of Eastenders during a single week - the number of repeats is growing given budget cuts at the BBC that affect programming - but rest assured that, apart from the so called mainstream political parties, the Electorate will never be given a real chance to know all those standing for election, if a 20 or so seconds piece at the end of a television programme can be considered political fair-play.

I am sure that Lawrence Webb, Siobhan Benita and I had plenty to say and were not given the opportunity to say it but rest assured that a spat between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone that took place inside a lift because they were accusing each other of tax evasion was well publicised.

Another reason to be concerned about BBC's editorial policies that give ammunition to those who want to abolish the tax that keeps the BBC alive.

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