Saturday, 21 April 2012

Stephen Pollard: Put Abu Qatada on a plane and quit the ECHR (Express)

Put Abu Qatada on a plane and quit the ECHR (Express)

This is the title of an article published by Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, writing about the legal shambles surrounding the legal case of a terrorist Britain cannot get rid of because of European nonsense. Stephen Pollard says unequivocally that it should be up to the British authorities to decide what to do or not to do with Abu Qatada without external interference.

What is more, pro-Islamic Extremist Hugh Muir of The Guardian also targets the Jewish Chronicle saying that Carlos Cortiglia and Stephen Pollard are “Islamophobes”. This does not surprise me because after all Ken Livingstone defends the killing of Jewish men, women and children perpetrated by Hamas guerrillas, supports a man that is a member of Islam for Europe and is supported by George Galloway that is a personal ‘acquaintance’ of the main leader of Hamas and even worked for Iranian State Television.

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