Saturday, 28 April 2012

Nationalists without candidates? Ooops!

I do assume that being a political party or a political movement means standing in elections and giving people choices but some so called Nationalists have little to do with standing in elections or giving people choices because they have no candidates and their entire political programme seems to be attacking the British National Party and attacking me personally.

One such pseudo Nationalist group is the so called British Resistance that does not have a Mayoral Candidate, does not have a London-wide List Candidate and does not have a Constituency Candidate but merely has a hatred orientated website that is the perfect example of racism, xenophobia, homophobia and chauvinism.

You could be led to believe that British Resistance is another version of Searchlight, Hope Not Hate and the UAF because what they publish seems to have the same source of inspiration. No sooner these individuals publish something the same thing appears across websites that are bent on attacking the British National Party.

British Resistance is actually being used by the enemies of real Nationalism because they are the perfect example of the clowns most people reject when they think about who is best suited to represent Nationalist interests and they give Nationalism a bad name.

What is more the so called British Resistance calls me a liar and a coward and challenges me to sue them. The poor souls do not understand that the British National Party and I have better things to do than going after individuals that do not take part in elections and do not represent anybody else but themselves.

Having written these words, I must say that being involved in politics and taking part in elections we have little time to waste paying attention to individuals that are politically irrelevant apart from the labour of destruction that they systematically carry out showing hatred rather than intellectual skills or political skills.

But today is Sunday and being a kind individual, I thought about giving British Resistance something that would allow them not to feel so isolated and meaningless.  

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