Thursday, 19 April 2012

I am a BBC man: World Service Beheaded

A very short-sighted approach has been historically adopted when dealing with the BBC World Service and it has been no different from the approach adopted regarding the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

As a BBC man, I Carlos Cortiglia, Mayoral Candidate of the British National Party say that the foreign language radio and television services of the BBC World Service and the Central Office of Information are vitally important. These services are essential to maintain a British presence across the world and are a key element of British foreign policy.

Having worked as presenter, producer, translator and reporter of the BBC World Service, working also for the Central Office of Information both directly and indirectly via London Radio Service and British Satellite News, I say that such short-sighted approach regarding our radio and television services makes me extremely angry because I was hugely proud of my profession, promoting the best of Britain abroad.

Carlos Cortiglia
British National Party London Press Officer and London Mayoral Candidate

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