Wednesday, 14 March 2012

With kind regards from our Left Wing Brothers

First of all, congratulations to the creative talents behind the design of this lovely picture. It has landmarks of London like Big Ben and a red telephone box combined with a flag of Uruguay drawn as a heart. It is also a bilingual production. As you can see the sentence at the top is in English language and the name of the British National Party has been properly translated into Spanish language.

As Steve Squire, London Regional Organiser, remarked when he saw such lovely picture, I look almost like a kind of Robin Hood which on this day and age is a very attractive concept after our Left Wing Friends Expenses Scandal with several of their lovely buddies sent to prison.

Talking about sex it is lovely to see how important sex is in British Elections. We have had a Lib Dem porno producer, a Conservative Casanova, a Labour Ticking Biological Clock Supporter who even described being invited to wife swapping parties organized by the Lambeth Labour Party. We are really spoilt for choice.

I know that my Left Wing Friends mean well and I have to send them a big thank you. Given my Italian ancestry they made me feel like a British Berlusconi. Once again, thank you very much and please keep producing pictures like this. Absolutely beautiful! Best regards on behalf of the British National Party.

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