Saturday, 31 March 2012

What they don't allow us to tell Londoners

Nobody in London could ever possibly imagine what we plan for the capital city of London. If only we had the unbiased and independent media coverage to reveal the extent of British National Party intentions for London that are not limited to the manifestation of figures or percentages that very few people understand or even trust.
We have principles and aspirations that go a lot further than the mere expressions of what can be done given present political limitations and of much of what can be done and will be done if we are awarded the right to run London.

Interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corporation in at least three occasions in the last 48 hours, only a tiny fraction of what I said was actually broadcast and I have no confidence that more of what I actually said will ever be broadcast because they don’t want people to hear messages that would the all the stereotypes created about us, the stereotypes used to deny us access to Church halls and hustings and also used to persecute those who give the democratic space that all political parties should be entitled to.
If we had full access to the mass media in this country, we could set the nation on fire with ideas, concerns and aspirations that most people share while the biased mass media continues to depict us as boogie men and boogie women.

Carlos Cortiglia

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