Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Church hustings: Do they still want to criticize Russia?

The attitudes of some churches like the Evangelical Alliance have hardly changed in terms of their very selective approach to democratic participation. Knowing about a husting due to take place in London, I applied to be considered as member of the panel of Mayoral Candidates.

Despite the number of votes cast for the British National Party and the fact that the British National Party was awarded by the Electorate the right to be represented in the London Assembly, once again, the British National Party has been excluded.

I am sure that the British mass media are very willing to criticize the way elections are run in the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, they should be looking at their own practices and at the practices of certain institutions before they criticize other countries.

Exclusion for candidates and manipulation of questions raised by the public in such hustings constitute a very un-democratic practice. You can read the email received, sent by Daniel Webster, Parliamentary Officer of the Evangelical Alliance. If you wanted evidence, this is the evidence.

Dear Mr Cortiglia,

Thank you for your email regarding the mayoral hustings debate planned for 18th April.

We have decided to limit the debate to the parties which attracted the greatest level of support at the 2008 election, and have only invited the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green candidates to participate.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Webster  

Daniel Webster
Parliamentary Officer
Evangelical Alliance - uniting to change society - http://www.eauk.org/
DDI: 020 7207 2129
Mob: 07766 444650
Twitter: @danny_webster

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