Thursday, 29 March 2012

BBC created seeds of its own destruction

As a BBC man, throughout the years I have witnessed the process of self-destruction with both sadness and anger. I am fully aware of the potential the British Broadcasting Corporation and branches of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office like the Central Office of Information had, and of how such potential has been wasted thanks to financial and political myopia.

What I saw happening to the BBC World Service and to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in particular is now happening to the British Broadcasting Corporation as a whole.

Too many close compartments, too many ‘Stars’ and too much political correctness combined with dubious financial arrangements, that sacrificed editorial and production capabilities for the sake of saving the penny while losing the pound, are driving the BBC to extinction.

I love the British Broadcasting Corporation that could be, the British Broadcasting Corporation that I know we could have and I hate the monster created by political correctness and by a very biased political agenda.

I dream about what properly run mass media services of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office could do to promote education, business and culture because education, business and culture are inter-related. 

I look forward to the time when those in charge of the BBC will stop thinking about competing with private mass media and will start doing what the BBC used to do better and expand on it.

BBC bias and questionable managerial policies could be the source of its demise. 


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