Friday, 2 December 2011

Power and Responsibility: Knowing how to act and how to react

There are many occasions when we seem to be about to be overpowered by events that come our way. There are many situations when we feel at a loss and unable to decide what to do next. As time goes by, we encounter many such occasions and situations. It is extremely difficult to control ourselves.

I do believe that the best way to help somebody who is in trouble is to act decisively but in a controlled manner.

It is a bit like trying to help somebody who is drowning. The person will be struggling, desperate, without the necessary focus about what needs to be done, when and how.

We need the clarity of mind to act efficiently, keeping a watchful eye on what needs to be achieved. We have the power to do so and we have the responsibility to do so.

We are travelling through very rough seas and the situation is going to become a lot worse. So let us reflect for an instant regarding what we need to achieve and how we are going to achieve it.

This is something that we must do and especially when somebody else's life is on the line. We say that we care and therefore our actions must irrefutably prove that we care.

Mentally and emotionally, we must imagine ourselves as the one who is in trouble. We must think about feelings and emotions, about all the experiences the person who is in trouble is going through. This is called empathy.

There will be doubts, there will be fears, there will be loneliness and sheer desperation. To all these, we must add hope and this is where we come in. This is our duty. Our dury is to provide hope and to provide hope we must be there as the force of Common Sense and Common Sense is needed in a country that is falling apart and where basic human rights are being violated in the name of political correctness.


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