Sunday, 11 December 2011

Conservative Party supporters use violence against BNP activists

Conservative Party supporters use violence against BNP activists? Yesterday morning a group of individuals associated with the Conservative Party engaged in violence against BNP supporters and caused criminal damage by throwing rocks hitting the Truth Truck in Feltham.

We are trying to determine if the Conservative Party whose leader supports the UAF has been infiltrated by criminals trying to engage in violent activities during the Feltham and Heston By-Election.

The actions of the said individuals are affecting very badly the image of the Conservative Party. We ask the Leadership of the Conservative Party to isolate the said individuals. We ask the Conservative Candidate in Feltham and Heston to investigate and to take action to avoid any kind of violence.

The UAF is an organisation of common criminals bent on engaging in acts of violence against political parties and it is absolutely shameful for a political party like the Conservative Party to get involved or even finance such an organisation.

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