Sunday, 18 December 2011

Anti-British National Party crying because Nationalism is suffering?

Here is an interesting thought. Anti-British National Party campaigners, some of them supported by people who are still working thanks to the British National Party but have in fact joined other political parties, are now shedding crocodile tears for Nationalism.

What is most amazing is that some of the said individuals linked to Marion Thomas, the BBC witness star that came a cropper at a trial in Northern Ireland after falsely accusing the British National Party, are shaking their heads in horror because of the outcome of an election in Feltham and Heston in which Labour lost 40.3 per cent of its supporters, the Conservative Party lost 61 per cent and the Lib Democrats lost almost 79.5 per cent of their supporters.

It was an election fought against the organized mass media in a Safe Labour area. Guess what? Despite winning the seat with barely 16 per cent the vote, LibLabCon were the biggest losers and not the British National Party. Do they talk about this? No, they continue spreading the same kind of poison made for those who do not have a brain to think by themselves.

Who is shedding crocodile tears about the British National Party? The very same individuals that have spent more than a year trying to divide the British National Party and that helped the British Broadcasting Corporation to create a travesty of a journalistic programme or who supported those who helped in the making of such a mockery of a journalistic programme.

You are getting this article somebody who worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation at a time when the British Corporation was not run as a branch of the Labour Party.

My Pockets First is now crying? Crying for what? Did My Pockets First complain when they spoke to the British Broadcasting Corporation to create a falsehood to be used against the British National Party? Did they spare any thoughts thinking about British National Party activists? Have they run out of ideas?

Some of the said individuals in the biggest show of hypocrisy accused the British National Party of sending begging letters. Well, I wonder who has been using names taken from the British National Party membership database to flood our mailboxes with ‘begging letters’. I would also like to know about certain charitable organizations closed down in haste after having received quite a few thousand pounds of European Union funding.

When they were about to be ‘found out’ they registered a political party because they had existed until then in some sort of legal no-man’s land. Did their newly created political party stand for election? The answer is NO. Their political party is just a shambles created as a continuation of their “charitable efforts” or as a smoke screen for their “charitable efforts”.

I promised myself that I would not attack fellow Nationalists and by writing this article I have kept my promise.

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