Monday, 28 November 2011

Unpaid Nationalists and Paid Traitors

For many years, true, real Nationalists, across the country, have worked without getting paid and putting their lives in danger to support the Cause. They gave their monies, their time and faced the certain risks of losing their jobs. I, Carlos Cortiglia, stand for them and with them.

Funnily enough, those who have turned their backs on the British National Party are many of the ones who got an income and a position thanks to the British National Party. They are the ones who constantly attack the British National Party and try to damage the reputation of the British National Party by cooperating with those who want to destroy the Nationalist Movement.

I can understand the position of people like Gerry Gable, director of a magazine called Searchlight. After all, Gerry Gable is fighting for what he believes. Gerry Gable still uses lies and fabrication but, after all, Communism is about lies and fabrication and it suits Gerry Gable's nature and intellect.

By the same token, I profoundly despise those who engage in treasonable behaviour, despite the fact that they couldn't have got what they got without the support of the British National Party.

I despise them even more when they attack and try to destroy the work done by real Nationalists whom, against friend and foe, continue working indefatigably to promote Nationalism in the United Kingdom.

Many of those who abuse the title of Nationalist not even dare to show their faces or to publish their poisonous literature using their own names. During the leadership campaign, they published all kinds of accusations but they did not have the guts to sign their pamphlets.

We encounter them across the Internet on a regular basis, repeating lies and fabrication as if repeating lies and fabrication the said lies and fabrications could become fact.

You also have the useful idiots like Marion Thomas. She lied and lied and was found wanting in a Court of Law in Northern Ireland. She allowed herself to be used by the British Broadcasting Corporation and after her spiteful show of hatred, having used the word 'scum' to accuse others, she ended up with her reputation in ruins. She spat upwards and her spat covered her own face.

I write under my own name and if I tell you 'get an umbrella' you can be certain that it is going to rain.

This is a time for all true Nationalists across Britain to come together as one. I will talk to anyone who wants to listen to me and my message is loud and clear: I will cherish and stand for those who continue to offer their lives and efforts without interest, those whose sole ambition is to promote Nationalism in the United Kingdom.

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