Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Politische Partei oder Politische Bewegung?

Soziale Bewegungen können anhand ihres Organisationsgrades, ihrer Größe, der von ihnen gewählten Strategien und ähnlicher Kriterien unterschieden werden.

The statement above expresses in a very direct language, the concerns and the factors that need to be considered when answering the question presented in the title: Political Party or Political Movement.

Organization, size, strategies and other similar criteria are the basis to determine what we are talking about.

In Britain, we have had a Politische Bewegung, a lose arrangement of small groups (some of them call themselves Politische Partei when in fact they do not meet the necessary requirements to be a political party because they don't have the organization, the size and the strategies needed to be a politcal party.

Typisch an einer sozialen Bewegung ist, dass zunächst sehr offene informelle Organisationsformen vorherrschen.

In a social movement, or as social movement, it is typical that first very open informal organization forms predominate.

The so called Occupy UK and others are in fact Soziale Bewegungen – they have no organization, no strategies and their size very much varies following public mood changes. There are groups loosely organized that could be classified as having done the transition from Soziale Bewegungen to Politische Gruppen but none of them can be called Politische Partei despite being part of a Politische Bewegun.

This is and has been an issue in the British political scene for quite a long time. The time for thinking people, across political boundaries, to get together and think more about what they have in common than about what divides them is long overdue.

Politische Gruppen and Politische Bewengungen do not win elections. If they don’t win power, they cannot change anything. If they cannot change anything, the whole purpose of their existence is lost.

United Kingdom Independence Party, National Front, English Democrats, disaffected Tories and disaffected people from any other political party will amount to nothing until they understand the message.

You can be a Purist and be forever a Purist and never get what you want. This is fine if you are happy with the fact that you are unable to change anything.

Even the powerful know that they cannot be Purists. Even the powerful know that they need to be able to negotiate to get what they want.  We criticize the Coalition that runs Britain but we fail to understand how they managed to create a Coalition and have the power to run the country.

I ask the question all over again: Wollen Sie eine Politische Partei? Do you want a political party? I am talking to people across Britain. I am talking to North and South, East and West and Centre. We can bark and attack each other until the day we die and by then whatever we think today will make no difference.

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