Monday, 7 November 2011

BNP extremely concerned about Searchlight

In dialogue with London Regional Press Office, Steve Squire - BNP London Region Organisar - expressed concerns regarding the fate of a publication called Searchlight that is apparently going through painful financial adjustments leading to a much talked about divorce. Independent reports indicate that Gerry Gable and Nick Lowles are no longer a couple.

As you can understand, things like this can happen since ever lasting love in many cases is still very much an aspiration. Having said that, love can also be rekindled and Sonia Gable is now back as deputy editor, despite the fact that things are now very much black and white - perhaps a true representation of what is happening in left-wing politics.

After seeing the publication of Ken Livingstone's autobiography, I am sure that Sonia Gable will work to increase readers numbers by publishing her autobiography and so help Searchlight to recover. After learning about Anna Arrowsmith's successes as movie producer and since Sonia Gable has stood as a Lib Dem candidate, I am in no doubt that Sonia Gables's autobiography could be made into a box office record breaking movie to be shown only after 9 o'clock pm on selected pay channels.

Anna Arrowsmith interviewing an actor
Anna Arrrowsmiith is reported to have said that 'porn is good for society'. Moreover, The Sun, a leading tabloid newspaper, is well-known for its page 3. Page 3 on Searchlight magazine? I reckon this could be the key for a resounding editorial success.


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