Monday, 31 October 2011

Freedom of Assembly

Joe Anderson uses harassment, threats and intimidation for political purposes.

The Labour dominated Liverpool Council has no concept of democracy. They don't know that there is something called Freedom of Assembly that is a fundamental basic right in a truly Democratic society. I must say that the actions of the Labour Party are no different from the actions of the ruling Military Juntas in Latin America.

The Labour Party uses harassment, threats and intimidation as political tools and this is no news for me. These were the tools used in the Soviet Union and in many other countries ruled by the so called 'Labour Parties', including Nazi Germany. Do you know what the name of the Nazi Party in Germany was? NSDAP National Socialist German Workers Party. Yes, this is fact. The Nazi Party was in fact a Labour Party. Now you can draw your own conclusions.

How many public freedoms were eroded during thirteen years of a Labour government? The destruction of Habeas Corpus, of the Presumption of Innocence, of Freedom of Speech, of Freedom of Association, of Freedom of Assembly and the implementation of Political and Racial discrimination happened under the Labour Party rule.

Some Labour supported organizations call themselves "Anti-Fascist". Are they? They travel across Britain, some of the them wearing balaclavas to hide their faces, to threaten, harass, intimidate and in some instances to physically attack political opponents. Who did this? The SA, the Sturm Abteilung, also known as the Storm Troopers.

While this is happening, so called Left-Wing bloggers like Gerry Gables, Nick Lowles and NUJ journalists spend their time printing lies. Who do they remind me of? Joseph Goebbels. Who was Joseph Goebbels? The Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich. The similarities between Labour operators and the Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich are striking. They all believe that if they tell a lie a thousand times their lie will become fact in the minds of naive individuals that cannot or will not bother to find the truth.

Carlos Cortiglia

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