Friday, 9 September 2011

After evidence, The Independent withdrew negative comments

"Now that the three major parties have picked their candidates for the London mayoral election, it's left to the tiddlers to name their representatives for 2012. And yesterday the BNP contender threw his hat into the ring. "So much for xenophobic!" read the party's cleverly counter-intuitive announcement. "British National party chooses Italian for London Mayor." The Italian in question is BNP press officer Carlos Cortiglia, who, just to compound his cosmopolitan credentials, is Uruguayan by birth." The Independent Internet Version September 9th 2011

The BNP Mayoral Candidate said that "given the weight of evidence presented by London BNP and provided by records of the Argentine Ministry of Defence, it was understood that previous negative comments were not justified and had to be withdrawn and were withdrawn voluntarily by The Independent in its Internet version. I also understand that people in Argentina would have been extremely offended by the libellous implications produced by a left-wing organisation in Britain."   

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